How to Play the Grand Lotto Games

How to Play the Grand Lotto Games

The PCSO Lotto Games produces the Philippine television game program, the PCSO Lottery Draw. Since March 8, 1995, it has been broadcast every day on the People’s Television Network (PTV), with the exception of Christmas, New Year’s, and Holy Week. The PCSO employs around 2,000 people for this program. Since November 15, 2017, it has also incorporated the centralized drawings of the Small Town Lottery, such as Pares, Swertres, and Swer2, for the provinces that do not hold their own local STL lotto draws. The program consists of drawing both parimutuel and fixed payment lotto games, sweepstakes games, and STL games.

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Additionally, the PCSO Lotto Games show is broadcast simultaneously on Brigada News FM, DZME 1530 kHz, PCSO and PTV’s websites, Facebook pages, and YouTube channels. It was previously broadcast on DZIQ 990 kHz.

Lotto Games

Process for the PCSO Lotto Games Draw

The day begins with the airing of a tape showing the “Mega Gems” blowing machines and the balls used in each game being examined to ensure everything is fair and nothing is hidden in them on the day of the draw. A judge’s panel made up of an impartial group of individuals unrelated to the PCSO conducts the inspection. To ensure everything runs smoothly, the Commission on Audit members supervise the proceedings and drawing.

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The outside edges of balls frequently have numbers all over them. Except for the 2D Lotto, the numbers on the balls used in number lottery games are read instantly without having to touch them. The balls are altered in the digit Lottery Games and the 2D Lotto with top drawing Mega Gems so that they clearly display the numbers drawn. Each of the aforementioned techniques was used in each of the Power Lotto Mega Gem’s two chambers due to the machine’s design.

Since 2014, the balls are no longer modified; instead, the host reads the numbers on the balls as they come up. This holds true for all games.

There are specific regulations for each of the PCSO Lotto Games mentioned above. The fast guide to playing and winning today’s most important games is provided here.

Lotto games online

Super Lotto 6/49. One of the most played PCSO lotto games is this one. The player must select 6 accurate numbers from 1 to 49 in any order in order to win. Starting at P15,084,000, this game’s jackpot reward. Players can also opt to wager with System Play for increased winning opportunities.

Lotto 6/42. Players can choose from numbers 1-42 for this important game. The starting jackpot for the 642 lottery is 5.94 million pesos. If they prefer the computer to choose the numbers, players can also choose LP or Lucky Pick at any major games.

In the Philippines, PCSO Lotto Games also runs STL games, four big-digit games, and five large jackpot-bearing games. View the STL results, Swertres Lotto results, EZ2 2D Lotto results, 658 Lotto results, 655 Lotto results, 649 Lotto results, 645 Lotto results, 642 Lotto results, 6D Lotto results, and 4D Lotto results here.

How to play the STL Games?

STL Pares Mechanics

Choose your numbers from 1 to 40, then place your wagerThe single-chambered device is used for drawing, just like EZ2. Once the first winning number is drawn, the machine is restarted for the second winning number.If the wagerer correctly predicts the winning numbers, he or she wins.The draw is broadcast on the STL Visayas and Mindanao official pages.

STL Swertres Mechanics

Choose your numbers from the three (3) columns’ range of 0 to 9.Remit the wager.The lucky digits are chosen using a three-chambered device, just as Swertres.If the bettor correctly predicts the winning numbers in order, he wins.

How to play the Swertres Lotto?

Some of the most entertaining lottery games weren’t born under ideal circumstances. In June 2002, Swertres Lotto was born. However, the cause for its arrival wasn’t the most intriguing. In the Visayas and Mindanao regions, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) was seeking to combat numerous fraud schemes and unlawful activities. A new lottery was therefore introduced to stop such practices. Right away, the new lottery was a complete success.

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Swertres results

Swertres Lotto was once only accessible in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. But with time, it gained so much popularity that PCSO decided to expand the lottery to Luzon in 2006.

Swertres Lotto Rules

You must select three digits from the range of 0 to 9 in order to play. Each Swertres Lotto entry costs 10 pesos, although participants can choose a more expensive scheme. Every day, Swertres Lotto drawings take place. Three drawings take place each day at 11 a.m., 4 p.m., and 9 p.m. The Swertres Lotto results are shown live on television as the drawing occurs. However, there is no need to panic if you missed today’s Swertres Lotto results. The following section of the guide contains more details on how to check the digits.

Remember that you could select any three numbers to have the same appearance. If such is the case, your ticket will appear as follows: 7-7-7.

Players must match the winning digits for each drawing and the order in which they were drawn to win rewards. Otherwise, the odds of winning would increase exponentially, and the game would become far too simple.

According to local laws, players must be 18 years of age or older in order to purchase Swertres Lotto tickets.

Tickets for the Swertres Lotto can be purchased at authorized PCSO retail locations. A single entry or the advanced play option are both available to players. It is possible to purchase tickets for up to six upcoming drawings in advance when playing advanced play.

Swertres Results

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office does not yet offer online ticket purchasing options. Foreigners residing in the Philippines can test out Swertres Lotto by purchasing a ticket from a nearby retail location. However, foreign residents of other nations are unable to participate in this lottery and take advantage of its good chances of winning. This PCSO Lotto Games is not only not available through an official online ticket purchase option, but it is also not provided by any foreign online lottery companies.

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Swertres Lotto Games Prizes

Swertres Lotto Games does not have the largest jackpot on earth because of the good chances of winning. The games with the highest jackpots to compensate for the odds are typically the hardest to win.

Swertres Lotto Games is still a cute small daily game with some amazing prizes.

A fixed reward is offered in the PCSO Swertres Lotto Games. This means that the lottery prize amount in each tier is constant, regardless of how many people have won in a specific drawing.

Rambolito is a Swertres Lotto Games mode that differs slightly from the regular gameplay. Rambolito 6 requires you to select three distinct numbers from the available options. The opportunity will then be promptly triggered in such a situation. You must select a combination of two identical numbers and an additional one, such as 4-4-9, to be eligible to win the Rambolito 3 prize.

Rambolito mechanically examines each and every conceivable set of numbers. There are six possible combinations when playing Rambolito 6. You will receive the Rambolito 6 reward if any of them exactly match the three winning numbers for the relevant drawing. Because there are just three possible combinations in Rambolito 3, the prize tier for that game is higher.

It’s simple to claim your winnings. Prizes up to 5,000 pesos can be cashed out at any recognized retail location, according to PCSO regulations. This indicates that most Swertres Lotto players can return to the location where they purchased the ticket to collect their prize. However, if you have multiple winning tickets for the same drawing, you must proceed in a different manner.

There are prizes worth between 5,001 and 20,000 pesos available at PCSO branch offices all across the Philippines. You will need to go to the PCSO headquarters if you want a higher sum (which isn’t very likely with Swertres Lotto).

As of January 2018, winners of the PCSO lottery must pay a 20 percent income tax on their winnings.

You may view the Swertres lotto games results on Rush Results, live on television, or on the official PCSO website. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for today’s Swertres lottery results. You may rely on Phil Lotto’s tips and thorough results archives. Simply select the date and the drawing you’re interested in using the drop-down option at the top of the page. You will receive the details after submitting your entry.

Also, feel free to browse the archive and the most recent Swertres results. The examination of the most significant numbers that may improve your chances of winning a prize might be especially helped by older data.

One of the well-known games in the PCSO repertoire is Swertres lotto. Since its establishment in 1934, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office has offered a variety of games, including the 658 Lotto, 655 Lotto, 649 Lotto, 645 Lotto, 642 Lotto, 4 Digit, and EZ2 Lotto.

Every day, three times a day, the Swertres lotto or 3D lottery is drawn. Tickets for the Swertres 3D lottery cost 10 pesos each. A participant must select three (3) numbers from 0 to 9 to play the Swertres lottery (9). A lucky pick (LP), if he prefers a number generated by the algorithm, is also an option. When the player obtains the combination in the precise order, he or she wins the game.

A player has a chance to win 4,500 pesos in 3D lotto basic play. The player can use the Rambolito system, which offers prizes of 750 or 1,500 pesos.

Where can I verify the results of the PCSO Swertres Lotto?

Players can use their online profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and PTV to view the outcomes of Swertres lotto games in real time. The lotto draws are broadcast on official PCSO accounts as well. Days before the scheduled draw date, PCSO makes special announcements on the suspension of draws, such as significant national holidays.

How to claim the Swertres lotto prize?

The PCSO Branch in your area is where you can pick up the prizes. You can go to the PCSO Main Office on Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City to inquire about the jackpot reward.

PCSO thoroughly validates all winning tickets. Furthermore, the PCSO takes dealing with fake or altered tickets seriously and will not honor them if someone tries to use them to claim their winnings.

Lottery Games Online | Online Casino in the Philippines

Playing a variety of lotteries is relatively simple, thanks to online lottery services. Everything you need is in one location, and you can buy tickets quickly and securely.

Going to a local vendor and waiting in line is not a waste of time.

Real money Online Lotto Games are a form of gambling where the outcome is decided by randomly picking a certain number or collecting numbers. Real lottery games are frequently used to collect money for nonprofit organizations, as well as for different tiers of government.

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Lotteries have one of the most untainted reputations of any gambling activity; it is widely believed that lottery results are virtually impossible to forge. The players have a great level of trust as a result of this.

Benefits of Lotto Games Online

Nearly since the inception of internet gambling, lotteries have been conducted in this manner. It should also be emphasized that there is a good reason why this kind of Lotto Games is popular; now is the time to discuss the benefits of Online Casino Lotto Games.


A crucial component of any type of online gambling is mobility in use. Instead of employing the services of bookies or other retail establishments with a set opening hour, it is far more convenient to purchase a national lottery ticket online in a round-the-clock manner from anywhere in the world.


Online Lotto Games now have a clear advantage over their physical counterparts as the primary form of wagering, thanks to the advent of mobile technologies. Any user gets the wonderful option of buying a lottery ticket whenever they want from their home, saving them from having to make an extra set of moves. Distance is no longer a barrier; therefore, you can also access it anywhere.


Experienced players like to select their numbers based on statistical analysis rather than chance. Only within the context of online lotteries are data available for analysis. Players can recognize a pattern of which numbers win more frequently, which numbers win less frequently, and which numbers never win after analyzing the history of the outcomes of the chosen lottery.


The prize pool can now be followed in real-time by players in online lotteries. As a result, anyone who is interested has the opportunity to participate in the free lottery anywhere in the world and observe how rapidly and significantly the price rises. Additionally, in the case of live dealer lotteries, seeing live numbers being chosen provides extra visual assurance of the game’s fairness and legitimacy.


Genuine online lotteries have a much greater chance of expanding their audience than traditional lotteries. They have the ability to draw participants from across national boundaries as well as gamers from new communities, expanding their own audience.

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The Latest Trends in Philippine Gambling for 2022

The gambling trends in the Philippines, a very popular hobby among locals and foreign visitors to the nation, will be covered in more detail in the following parts. According to statistics, the country’s gambling market increased by 9.4% to US$3.57 billion in 2018, and 53% of Filipinos engaged in legal gaming.

With President Rodrigo Duterte pushing down on illegal operations in recent years, some of the most significant advancements are adjustments to the licensing of internet gambling for offshore companies. On the other hand, we’ve found that the expansion of the land-based gambling industry has led to a significant increase in local employment creation, with more than half of all workers in the entertainment industry hired for gaming and betting activities.

The number of providers providing casino games and sports betting opportunities to players from the Philippines has greatly increased, making online gambling the preferred choice for Filipinos. For a variety of possibilities, see our list of the best gambling websites in the Philippines. Locals are limited to using the nation’s lottery, bingo, and licensed sportsbooks otherwise.

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation oversees the country’s gaming operations (PAGCOR). The President has given the government agency the mandate to track down and close down any unlicensed internet gambling businesses in the Philippines. At the time of writing, there are about 57 licensed operations. However, while it is unlawful to operate unlicensed Online Casinos, Filipinos are acceptable to engage in the games.

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